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Kitchen Finishes

Kitchen Finishes and Materials

Kitchen finishes and materials encompasses all the materials required to complete your kitchen cabinetry. The cupboard doors, drawer fronts, shelving, bench or counter top and built in cabinetry.

The great thing about kitchen design us that you can get a great design no matter what your budget simply by knowing which finishes fit within your budget.

Kitchen cabinetry can be produced economically in factories from MDF board finished in melamine or a plastic coated finish and the cupboard and drawer fronts, shelving and external carcase finished in a pre finished board such as melamine with pvc edges. The most cost effective bench or counter top is a laminate finish which is formed to fit the space you require and fixed on top of your cabinetry.

Then you can move to more hand crafted timber or wood finish cabinetry construction and the composite bench or counter tops or natural varieties of materials like granite for pure luxury.

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