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Detailed Kitchen Cooking

Modern Detailed Kitchen for Cooking

This modern detailed kitchen provides a clever set up for any gourmet cook. The cooking area in this modern kitchen has it’s own levered wall mounted water supply.

While this may seem obvious to some, the majority of kitchens don’t have this feature but if you are renovating or installing a new kitchen or planning on building a new home this is a very handy feature which will also add value to your house at sale time.

It is convenient in that if you need to top up a pot that has been boiling for a while its not necessary to fill a jug and add the water. It also allows you to fill the pot on the stove so that you don’t have to carry a heavy item to the stove, reducing the risk of spills and burning hazards.

Loads of detail to this kitchen

Loads of detailed kitchen ideas to this cooking area

If you boil a kettle it can stay on the element and be filled in that area. All in all it is a time and energy saver as well as a safety feature.

The use of the little box drawers to either side of the hobs act to hold all manner of spices and condiments essential for the gourmet cooking kitchen and cooking area.

A feature has been made of the splash back with a small mosaic trim set in a raised black tile and trim. It has the effect of providing a focus and sits well with the stone bench and timber finishes.

Designing a kitchen may seem like a simple job, but there is a lot of detail that is required to make it a successful kitchen design. Your attention to the small details will make all the difference. Always picture yourself using the kitchen as you specify what you are placing and where you are placing it. There is nothing worse than overlooking something simple like how many times a day you use the cutlery drawer and you set it a way in the corner of the kitchen meaning long walk each time you want a tea spoon, or you put your spice racks in the pantry so when you are cooking you have to go backwards and forwards as you taste your food to get your herbs and spices. Pay attention to the detail and imagine you are using the space and you are 90% on your way to getting it right.


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