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Fabric Chair in Kitchen Design

Ornate Upholstery Fabric Creating The Focal Point in This Kitchen Design

This kitchen design is particularly different with the use of ornate fabrics to the island seating creating a focal point in the center of the room.

While this may not be practical with plain fabrics, it works well here and patterns have the ability to hide those occasional but almost certain food spills.

Glass fronted cupboards to the upper cabinetry not only allow you to display items but also adds depth and texture to the darker areas of the kitchen. No doubt internal lighting to the cabinetry adds to the overall subtle effect of the lighting.

Kitchen design - Rich timber cabinetry and stainless steel appliances work well together in this kitchen but the ornate fabric on the chairs steal the show!

The paneled tiles to the rear of the hobs and below the extract add more complementary texture, enhanced by the under cabinetry lighting creating an overall ambient softness to the walls. Some people prefer cabinetry to go all the way to the ceiling but this type of design allows for an area for ornament display or plants.

A more traditional kitchen design, the paneled cabinets help define each cupboard, drawer and storage area, making them easier to see than typical modern flush cabinetry finished in lacquer or similar.

The granite counter tops add bold texture and color to the kitchen as well as being a very hard and durable work top surface, it also reflects light from the high gloss finish. The granite counter top balances the solidness of the timber cabinetry and provides a heavy timeless look that will only get better with age.

The modern stainless steel fronted appliances which often take the lead and provide a focal point as they are a large reflective area are softened and placed as a backdrop to the upholstered chairs at the kitchen island.

This kitchen flows well and it looks like it’s time to eat.

What more could you ask for in a kitchen design?

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