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French Castle Timber Kitchen

A French Castle Timber Kitchen a in Contemporary Style

This kitchen has been built inside an antique building. In fact it’s a modern kitchen inside a castle in France hence the title French Castle Timber Kitchen.

The simplicity of the kitchen is its beauty with the square and stackable forms of the building reflected in the shape of the joinery.

The walls are kept white to allow the joinery to take centre stage, sharing it only with the colorful geometric piece of artwork.

The cooking area has been set into an alcove and a feature made of it so that there is focus for aesthetics and practicality in containing odours and vapours.

The huge extract over the cooking line is practical and reflects the scale of the room.

French castle timber kitchen - So many features in this kitchen, the use of timber is warm and inviting.

Having a large central island acts as a preparation area aswell as dining and storage.

Note the wine storage boxes to the left of the picture.

While these are attractive the wine store will be for ready use as the varying temperatures of the kitchen can damage or kill wine over longer periods of storage.There is also an area under the island for a tray/trolley. Fantastic in this situation when the dining room may be some distance from the kitchen. All the items prepared for the meal can be quickly and conveniently placed on the trolley and wheeled into the dining room for service.A simple hanging rack to the wall for utensils beside the cooking line is convenient and attractive filling an otherwise barren and blank space. French castle timber kitchen - Kitchen utensils hung close to the cooking line make the kitchen efficient.
Soft wood tones and creams help keep what would normally be a dark space (not many castles due to their military architecture have light bright spaces) bright light and airy while the recessed lights to the window reveals will lighten an area that is prone to shadow. French castle timber kitchen - Recessed lights help reduce shadow at the window reveals.

I think this French Castle Timber Kitchen is not what you would have expected to find when you initially think about old French castles and how their kitchens would look. I love the modern twist and think it works extremely well.

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