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Modern Stainless Steel Kitchen

Modern Stainless Steel Kitchen with Clever Use of Contrasting Timber or Wood Finishes

In complete contrast to the traditional kitchen, this modern stainless steel kitchen has a slick polished finish softened with modern timber (or wood) joinery and windows with a view allowing the outside in rather than just daylight.

Extensive use of stainless steel to the benches accented with a thick four inch profile follows the line of the room and gives the central island a definition of solidity and purpose. It appears to float in the middle of the room as the cabinetry is white and the flooring a very pale color. This gives the appearance of the counter top floating. If the cabinetry and flooring were dark then the counter top would appear grounded and more solid.

Modern stainless steel kitchen - Positive work triangle at the far end leaving the closer end free for casual dining or perhaps working.

Positive work triangle at the far end of the kitchen leaving the closer end free for casual dining or perhaps working.

Matching stainless steel furniture in the form of the breakfast bar stools complement the interior however they would have worked equally well in the timber (or wood) matching the wall. The appliance wall at the end end of the room houses ovens and fridge freezer with the wall finishes matching the appliances.

Simplistic modern lighting is either recessed into the ceiling or in the smaller size matches the elongated form of the bench with adjustable halogens.

It’s important to note the use of the rooms shape with the layout. It has a strong elongated feel with the same lines being reflected in the walls and the vertical lines of the appliances and joinery giving form and definition.

The kitchen space can be multifunctional, the work area is all focused at the far end, leaving the close end free for entertaining or using as a office space, work from home area, homework space or casual dining. There aren’t many kitchens with this much space offering so much versatility.

A classic example of a modern stainless steel kitchen.