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Molded Timber Kitchen Tile Inlay

Molded Timber Kitchen Cabinetry with a Decorative Touch of Ceramic Tile Inlay

This kitchen is full of contrasting colors and textures with detailed molded timber kitchen cabinetry.

We have timbers, stone, ceramic tiles, paint and metals, however as taught in design 101 “everything goes with everything”, it just depends on the weights, textures and most of all, the quantities (or proportion) used of each.

This is a G shaped Kitchen Design.

While the vegetable wash and preparation area is combined with general washing the kitchen still has the basic work triangle and each work area is no more than two to three steps away from each other.

Food storage is mainly in the refrigerator and freezer with dry goods to either side. The cooking area has the three ovens stacked with hob and extract (not shown) adjacent. The food preparation area is close and opposite for food preparation as well as wash up and plate up.

Molded timber kitchen cabinetry -The pendant lighting allows the person working at the sink to see as well as people using the breakfast bar.

The lighting is simplistic but effective with the pendant light shades becoming a focal point over the sink area and simple down lights lighting the rest of the interior. The pendant lighting allows the person working at the sink to see as well as people using the breakfast bar.

The breakfast bar is a good way to keep privacy in the kitchen as well as allow people to sit up at it and talk to the cook or eat their breakfast in a casual and informal way. It is often accompanied by a couple of bar stools. The use of granite a solid practical counter top finish in this area provides a deep warm glow of color and texture to the kitchen. It enhances the warm glow of the molded timber kitchen cabinetry and adds interest at the breakfast bar.

Tile inlays to the cabinetry are a pleasant and easily achieved decorative effect giving the eye some relief from the rich timber molded cupboard fronts and balancing the weights of the finishes in the interior.

The molded timber is fixed to the front of the kitchen cabinets and is an easy way to make changes to a simple kitchen design if you want to remodel your own kitchen inexpensively. You can add them and then lacquer them, or they are available in MDF which makes them even more cost effective to purchase and then simply apply a paint finish.

The timber flooring continues throughout the home and as you can see by looking through the doorway that timber is also a feature of the staircase on the stair treads.

Overall a well planned kitchen that has used every space efficiently, with an abundance of color and texture used subtly to achieve a practical and interesting kitchen design using molded timber kitchen cabinetry.

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