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Traditional Kitchen Paneled Cabinets Tiles

Traditional Kitchen with Paneled Cabinets and Tiled Finishes

This is a reasonably compact traditional kitchen set up with timber panels and trim.

It is sensible in its form with cupboard storage overhead and some below but also the extensive use of wide drawers for storage of pots, pans, plates and other reasonably heavy items that are best housed where extensive lifting isn’t required.

The feature of this image is of course the very large and deep stainless steel sinks. With the use of larger ovens and home based entertaining now the amount of people we often cater for is extensive.

Therefore the cooking and service dishes we use are larger than they once were and compact is reserved for the apartment without much space.

Traditional kitchen with timber cabinetry with tiled splash back and granite counter tops.


Now we can have the space and ease of cleaning is obtainable with the addition of large sinks that can cater for larger cooking and serving items used.

Not many of our modern day dishwashers can cope with the large oven trays and often the food tends to become baked on so that elbow grease is required to clean the item properly. If the luxury of the large sinks is available then the item can soak in hot suds.

The deep green granite counter top and rich red tones of the timber cabinetry complement each other with their earthy tones and the brushed stainless steel used for the faucets adds a bright contrast.


traditional kitchen hob and extract closeup It is intriguing to note how well brushed stainless steel or aluminum works with darker timbers. It can be compared to black and white the amount of high contrast that this combination effects.Note the fully tiled splash back extends the full length of the kitchen and isn’t restricted to the cooking area. A practical and beautiful detail that adds depth with texture to an otherwise bland area.

This traditional kitchen look has modern functionality and is a great example of using modern fittings and fixtures with a traditional kitchen design.

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